The 6 best Halloween history nerd treats

‘‘Tis the season to indulge yourself in the spookiest scariest history you can get your hands on. From classic Victorian Gothic horror to those chapters from history that are just to grisly for any other time of year. And beyond books there’s no better way to truly bask in the bone chilling than with some history nerd approves goodies.

Oh and don’t worry if you’re not a Stevie Nicks inspired perma witch – I’ve lined up plenty of tricks and treats for everyone!

1. A deliciously detailed cookie cutter

cookie cutter

We’ve all been there, your making your way through a pack of chocolate chip cookies but you when your eating cookies and you can’t help but feel somethings missing. Like sure bad boys are great, but they would be SO much better if they were shaped like a Gothic writer and an anatomically correct heart.

OK maybe this is just me, but luckily the internet exists and some kind person has made an incredibly detailed cookie cutter of Edgar Allan Poe (and his tell tale heart!)

If that’s not your thing, the seller also makes a plethora of intricate historic figure cookie cutters, from Ada Lovelace to Emily Dickinson and even Nikola Tesla.

Get it here – Edgar Allan Poe cookie cutter, £9.07


2. The perfect witchy pin to show your true colours

Rampant Hag

This pin pays homage to Martha Carrier who was accused of being a witch at the 1692 Salem Witch trials. Martha was strong, brave and woman beyond her time.

At her execution one witness described her as ‘rampant hag.’

I love that this pin flips this insult into a tongue in cheek celebration for (as the maker says) ‘all women who don’t behave as expected.’

Get it here: Rampant Hag pin, £9.07

3. A truly horrifying candle

black death candle

Ok. No, I don’t know why someone made a Black Death candle, but they did. God bless Etsy.

Luckily for everyone involved, despite its name and label this candle smells A LOT better than a Black Death ridden city. Giving off a spicy autumnal scent. Because although I’m sure there is a market for Eau de rotting corpses, I’m pretty sure (or at least hope) its a niche one.

Get it here: The black death candle, £23.70

4. A bloody bath time treat

You know how I was just like ‘hahaha they made a black death candle, how brilliantly weird!’ Well Etsy went up one upped themselves…

Presenting Elizabeth Bathory bath bombs:

bathory bath bombs.jpg

That’s right, a bath bomb that turns your bath blood red in a tribute (???) to famous 17th century murderer, Elizabeth Bathory who notoriously bathed in her victims blood. Elizabeth also killed people by covering them in honey and watching them get eaten alive by insects, but I guess that’s harder to theme a bath time treat to.

Oh and if you don’t do baths, then Elizabeth Bathory shower gel also exists.

Get it here: Elizabeth Bathory Bath Bomb, £4.12

5. A craftily creepy cross stitch pattern

mary shelly

‘Beware for I am fearless and therefore powerful!’

Could you ask for a better quote to create some stunning cross stitch inspired by the one and only Mary Shelley?

I also LOVE this pattern because it’s also pretty simple, so if you’re starting cross stitch it’s a great first time out the gate pattern.

Get it here: print off PDF Mary Shelley cross stitch pattern, £9.07


Ok let’s end things on a ‘my god, the world can be the best place’ note:

6. Rosa Parks Halloween Costume 


That’s right. A historically accurate Rosa Parks at the Montgomery Bus Boycott costume for your child to wear this Halloween.


Seriously this is the best thing I have seen all week. If a child dressed up as the first lady of civil rights doesn’t deserve all the candy this Halloween, then who does?

Get it here: Rosa Parks Costume, £81.60

(The seller also makes children’s costumes for Amelia Earhart, Sojurner Truth and Alexander Hamilton, because I think they might be some kind of saint) 

The Ultimate Guide To Suffrage Swag

Do you know the best thing about being a history nerd? That gone are the days when the only way you could show your history love was Belle-ing your way about town, nose in a book.

Now there is a whole plethora of incredible historic swag, from t-shirts – to mugs – to candles, AND make up palettes; you can immerse yourself in history from morning to night, ITS THE FRIGGIN BEST. 

Today, we’re gonna focus on the most glorious of suffrage swag. And, to make it even more awesome, this is all stuff that either supports small/independent businesses, or museums; ya welcome.

FYI: I do work in history, so I do work with some of these shops, but I’m not getting paid for this, so anything below is my personal opinion/recommendation. 

  1. Votes for Women Mug, £10

Start your day the right way, with a feminist historic mug in which to hold that very vital first cup of coffee. SONY DSC

Now I can vouch for this, as I’m onto my third one of these bad boys (hey three over the course of four years isn’t bad, considering how clumsy I am!)

My favourite thing (bar the suffrage slogan) is that its made from bone china, which as I am sure all you tea buffs already know is the BEST thing in which to drink tea; seriously it makes the tea taste so much more awesome; game changer.

Where can I buy? National Portrait Gallery, £10 

 2. Suffragette Cross Stitch, £5.52


If you go into any suffrage archive you’ll see embroidery is literally everywhere. It’s in banners and handkerchiefs made by suffragettes in prison, it’s in toys and goods used to raise funds, its legit… EVERYWHERE

So what better way to pay homage to this crafty form of protest than with some cross-stitch? Suffragette Cross Stitch

This cross-stitch provides a PDF download with an easy to follow pattern (the shop also sells cross stitch patterns for Game of Thrones, Star Wars and my favourtie podcast, My Favourite Murder)

So if you’re  not on the cross stitch train (and why not, its super relaxing and surprisingly easy) get on it!
Where can I buy? Etsy, Okay Kirst, £5.52

3. Pankhurst Artwork, £5

Still on the Esty wagon, we have this stunning minimalist (yet bold) Emmeline Pankhurst art. Pankhurst artwork

I love this as a gorgeous way to get some history AND fancy looking art onto your walls, plus the shop also does prints of Rosa Parks, Malala and Louis Theroux (because why the fuck not)

Where can I buy? Etsy, Top Floor Store, £5

4. Suffragette Decoration, £12

I love this adorable suffragette decoration; designed for a christmas tree, but would equally be at home on a door, cupboard, or anything else with a handy handle for hanging. OR you can go rogue like UK MP Harriet Harman, and wear it as a brooch (seriously…this happened)    xmas_decoration_-_suffragette_1_hi_res_new.jpg

Where can I buy? Museum of London, £12

5. Even more suffrage decorations!, £4.99 

Now if your all like, ‘boo, these last few suggestion haven’t been crafty enough for me, I’m basically Pinterest Queen, I NEED MORE CRAFT’ then calm the F down, I got you. Suffrage paper decoration

These paper decorations are yours for the crafting (or you know, for a child that you like). Plus all the proceeds go to Amnesty International, so you can donate AND do colouring!

Where can I buy? Amnesty International, £4.99 

6. Votes For Women Necklace, £30 

It’s another thing that I own! This Tatty Devine necklace is a little more steep in price than the others, but I really do love it (for real, I wear this to death) Votes for women necklace.jpg

You can’t really see in this pic, but along with the ‘Votes For Women’ placard, the post holding the sign has the date of the suffrage centenary (1918-2018) which is a really lovely touch!

Where can I buy? Museum of London, £30 (also comes as a brooch)

7. Votes for Women Enamel Pin, £8 

Back at it again with that Etsy love! This enamel suffrage pin is just the ticket to add to any bag/coat/blazer/other form of clothing you fancy. Votes for Women pin

As an added bonus the shop that sells this beauty also sells a tons of other amazing feminist pins AND some really fantastic nerd stuff (hello X Files pins…)

Where can I buy? Etsy, Sweet and Lovely, £8


I’m sorry, but what suffrage swag list would this be if I didn’t include some Mary Poppins love? A terrible one… duh.

Sister Suffragette Tee, £22.30 sister suffragette t shirt

I mean…. what else can I say? I WANT IT, I WANT IT RIGHT NOW, TAKE MY MONEY!

Where can I buy? Etsy, Sweet and Lovely, £22.30

So, there it is, the ultimate guide to suffrage swag. Now go forth and make the world a more equal and aware place!

women kind arise.gif
Go on, listen to Winifred, ARISE!

Note: The Pankhurst Centre also has a cracking online shop, however at the time of writing this was closed for maintenance.


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