Coming up on F Yeah History in 2018!

Hello! It’s officially 2018, AKA one of the most exciting years for history ever!

Seriously guys, between the centenary of women starting to get the vote, the end of World War One, the 70th anniversary of the NHS AND the 150th birthday of traffic lights in the UK, there’s just a stupid amount of incredible history to look forward to this year (ok, maybe less excitement for the traffic lights, but still!)

So, with so much history goodness going on, we would be remiss not to throw ourselves in full pelt.

So…here’s all the awesomeness F Yeah History has planned for 2018:

The UK Blog Awards.

On the 1st Jan, we found out that F Yeah History is a finalist at the UK Blog Awards 2018!

actual reaction..
This was our actual reaction tbh

To be honest we really weren’t expecting to be nominated, let alone a finalist, I mean:

  1. F Yeah History is just about a year old (ish)
  2. We are maybe 50% swears and shit jokes

But against all odds we are indeed a finalist.

We’re up in the education category, against some incredible bloggers (seriously though, they’re great, check them out!)

We’ll find out the winners at a fancy awards ceremony in April (don’t worry we’re already working out how much glitter is acceptable for one person to wear at one time…hint, we reckon a lot)

Until then we’re just ridiculously chuffed to be nominated!

Uk Blog Awards.png

F Yeah History: The Podcast

That’s right people, soon you’ll have as all up in your ear holes.

We’re currently working on a 6 episode podcast series, which will embody all the things we love about F Yeah History; mainly unheard or overlooked history and truly terrible jokes.

Not to give too much away, but the series will focus on… drum roll please:


Each episode we’ll be looking at mistresses across history. We’ll be viewing them both through a historic and a modern feminist theory lens and exploring how opinions of mistresses shifted (basically, why have these ladies become demonised and labelled ‘whores’)

Plus we’ll also be checking out the monumental legacies left behind by these fab women (and men!)

The series currently looks set for mid 2018; but we will keep you posted!! podcast gif.gif


Now it’s no secret 2018 has some stellar exhibitions lined up and we are just itching to check them out.

Obvs, we’ll be taking you guys along!

So whether its a trip to trawl some archives, meander around an incredible library (wel love the smell of old books) or checking out the  latest blockbuster exhibition (right now we’re stupidly excited to check out the V&A’s upcoming Frida Kahlo exhibition and The Peoples History Museum’s suffrage offerings) you can bet your bottom dollar that you’ll be right there with us!

What else?

Well, it’s only January…so there’s bound to be a ton more excitement coming up in 2018!

If you want to be the first to know on all things F Yeah History, then get on our socials:



And our brand new baby Instagram!

AND FINALLY thank you.gif

We bloody love writing F Yeah History and we are so incredibly lucky to have just the best damn readers in the world.

You guys are just the most lovely, smart and hilarious people; we can’t wait to chat more historic film flam with you in 2018!

Lots of love

Tasha and Sara (AKA, F Yeah History) 

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